Beach on the island Ameland at sunset, Netherlands

Workshop weekend Ameland

September 30 - October 2, 2022 - From € 495
Oystercatchers and curlews in the Waaden Sea at Ameland.

Suddenly all the oystercatchers, sandpipers and curlews choose air. The viewfinder image is filled with birds, the sound of calling oystercatchers and thousands of wings dominates. Cameras click, rattle. What a spectacle! The cause appears to be a peregrine falcon, now flying low over the sandbank.

We are on Ameland, the Wadden diamond. At high tide, wading birds seek out sandbanks and shallow water and thus come close to the coast of Ameland, within range of our cameras.

Do you also want to experience this? Then book a weekend workshop on Ameland led by award-winning Amelander photographer Anja Brouwer and award-winning photographer Martin van Lokven.

Besides birds on the mudflats, there is of course much more to photograph on Ameland. During this workshop we photograph young dunes on the North Sea beach at sunrise, the Wadden coast, the beach, poles on the beach, sand structures and maybe even a seal on the beach. In the salt marshes samphire turns red, worth a photographic visit. Sometimes even a red-breasted goose. Depending on the weather of that weekend, we look at where we can best take pictures.

We will stay in Buren, where we have two luxury villas at our disposal. From there we cover the mudflats in the south, the sun in the west and the beach in the north with three cars. We have a beamer and projection screen, so that we can discuss photos taken during the weekend.

Who is this workshop suitable for
What we especially want to teach you this weekend is to learn to look. Anticipating what we will see. The workshop is accessible to everyone, but it is not a basic workshop in which we extensively discuss the basics (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). This way we can spend the time we have on photography, on capturing the beautiful moments. With two workshop leaders we can give you a lot of attention. First and foremost is enjoying Ameland, being inspired by nature and having fun taking pictures!

Workshop leaders
Anja Brouwer was born and raised on Ameland. She knows the most beautiful places on Ameland and knows a lot about them. Nature photography is her passion and she has won several prizes with her photos, including winner of the Frans Lanting Photo Award WWF!
Martin van Lokven is a professional photographer for 25 years! He has been guiding travel within and outside Europe for almost 30 years, the last 20 years special photo tours. He has been giving workshops in the Netherlands since 2008. He was originally a biologist, a career he left behind 30 years ago. Martin is winner of several awards, including overall winner of the international Oasis Photo Contest.

Depending on the weather and the conditions of the weekend, we’ll see where we can best shoot. We will discuss the final program on site in consultation with you.

After your registration you will receive additional information by email.
We would like to inform you as well as possible. If you have any questions, please mail or call me.

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Young dunes on Ameland


Date: September 30 - October 2, 2022
Time: Friday 12.30 - Sunday 14.30 hour
Location: Ameland, Buren
Minimum group size: 6
Maximum group size: 10
Fee: € 495


- Bootretour
- Alle vervoer op het eiland (auto en fiets)
- Toeslag elektrische fiets € 20,00
- Ontbijt (2x), lunch (2x) en diner (2x)
- Fotobesprekingen

- Parkeren in Holwerd
- Drankjes
- Reis- en annuleringsverzekering

Young dunes on Ameland


- Camera en objectieven *
- Heb je een macro-objectief, neem het mee
- Heb je een statief, neem het mee **
- Volle accu('s), oplader(s) en voldoende geheugen
- Heb je filters, neem ze dan mee
- Kleding die vies mag worden
- Vuilniszak om op te zitten en/of liggen of je fototas op te zetten
- Laarzen of bergwandelschoenen waarmee je door beetje water kunt lopen
- Neem voor de zekerheid de handleiding van je camera mee
- Eventueel je laptop en kaartlezer

*   Neem alle objectieven mee waarmee je normaliter ook fotografeert.
** Rond zonsopkomst en zonsondergang is een statief noodzakelijk voor scherpe foto's.


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