The book Rivierenland


Nederland van Aa tot Waal

Photography: Martin van Lokven
Text: Sunny Jansen

Rivierenland is the special and compelling story of our waterland. Water flows everywhere in the Netherlands. For centuries, the rivers ruled here. They had free rein, until people started to intervene. The first dikes were built about a thousand years ago. Cities rose along the banks, and agriculture and livestock developed on the fertile clay. But from time to time things went wrong: our country has a long series of floods. Protection against water remains urgent, thousands of people are working on it every day.

In this beautifully illustrated and designed book, Sunny Jansen and Martin van Lokven tell the story of living together with the rivers, of struggle, of victories and defeats, of profit and fear and of a gradually growing understanding of the immense meaning of water for our lives. and our prosperity. From dike builder to ferryman, from dredger to politician, from engineer to recreationist: they all have their say in Rivierenland. The result is a unique and versatile portrait of the equally beautiful and dangerous river landscape.

Copyright © 2018 Sunny Jansen en Martin van Lokven / Uitgeverij Balans
ISBN: 978 94 600 3820 4
Number of pages: 352

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Cover of book Langs de Linie

Ontdek natuur, cultuur & landschap van de Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

Photography: Martin van Lokven
Text: Harry Schuring

Discover nature, culture & landscape of the New Dutch Waterline.
On a journey of discovery in the Netherlands. It seems like a contradiction in a country where every square meter is laid down in a zoning plan. But amidst the expanding growth centers and silted roads lies a hidden part of our national heritage: the New Dutch Waterline. With a chain of varied nature, hidden forts, imposing castles and traditional Dutch landscapes, the water line is an imaginative part of our history. At the same time, it is an unexpected resting point that separates the Randstad from the rest of the Netherlands. A final piece of unspoilt Netherlands that deserves to be discovered.

Copyright © 2008 ANWB B.V.
ISBN: 978 90 18 02689 9
Number of pages: 192

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Digitale fotografie op reis

Photography and text: Martin van Lokven

Look through a photographer’s camera. Learn to take special photos of ordinary situations. Understand how to turn that beautiful vacation into breathtaking photos. In other words, take a look behind the scenes of travel photographer Martin van Lokven, known for magazines such as Reizen, de Kampioen and National Geographic Traveler. With 200 practical tips and beautiful photo examples, he provides tips for taking special photos. The tips are practical and applicable for everyone, whether you are on the road with a mobile phone, a digital SLR or compact camera.

Copyright © 2007 ANWB B.V.
ISBN: 978 90180 2567 0
Number of pages: 144

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I still have some copies left – If you want to buy this book, just send me an email.