The wide drifting sands and sand dunes with flying pines of the always spectacular Kootwijkerzand are great for a versatile and creative workshop nature and landscape photography. For any photographer.
Saturday March 20 & 27, 2021 - € 79
In this nature photography workshop in the Blue Room, in a setting of blooming hawthorns, we focus on flowers, koniks, galloways, greylag geese, great white egrets and spoonbills. And when we are lucky, maybe ...
Saturday May 8 & Sunday May 9, 2021 - € 79
In this nature photography and landscape photography workshop on the beach of De Kwade Hoek, we will look for shells and beautiful sand and ripple patterns late in the afternoon at low tide. Hopefully with a beautiful sunset!
Saturday May 8 2021 - € 79
Saturday May 1, 2021
Martin has been photographing gardens and garden flowers in assignment for more than twenty years. With much pleasure he will share his knowledge in this colorful workshop in the Botanic Gardens Utrecht.
Saturday June 12, 2021 - € 79
Weekend workshop landscape and nature photography Ameland accompanied by Amelander photographer Anja Brouwer (winner Frans Lanting Award 2016) and Vastewaller Martin van Lokven (winner Oasis Photo Contest 2011).
Friday September 24 until Sunday 25 September 2021
Learn how to photograph mushrooms - colorful icons of the autumn - in the Kaapse Bossen, one of the finest forests of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This workshop is for beginners as well as more advanced photographers.
Saturday October 16, 2021 - € 89
For this autumn workshop we are going to the centrally located Kaapse Bossen, on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug near Doorn. Highlight of this nature photography workshop is De Kaap watchtower, with a view above the tree canopy.
Sunday November 6, 2021 - € 79
The Speulderbos is one of the most beautiful and oldest forests in the Netherlands and also known as the 'forest of the dancing trees'. In autumn it is one of most popular locations for a nature photography workshop.
Sunday November 7, 2021 - € 89
The centrally located Amerongse Bos - on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug - is ideal for a nature and landscape photography workshop. The Amerongse Berg is the highest point with 69.2 meters above sea level.
Saturday November 13, 2021 - € 79
This varied workshop starts with landscape photography on the Posbank around sunrise. After that we enter the forest for nature and landscape photography, ending at the beech lane of the Koningslaan in the Onzalige Bossen.
Sunday November 14, 2021 - € 89
A nature photography workshop on De Duivelsberg - the devil's mountain - at the Heerlijkheid Beek. High hills, deep valleys, beech, oak, birch, chestnut, diffused light and autumn colors. 'Heerlijk'!
Monday November 15, 2021 - € 89
The Leersumse Veld is in winter a perfect location for a workshop nature photography. It is allowed to walk around all the vens and specially when it is cold hoarfrost adds up to the possibilities for photography.
Saturday January 15, 2022
Why are those birds so dark in the photo? And that giraffes also? Why aren't those lion cubs sharp? Those other photographers in the lodge did have sharp photos! How is that possible? What am I doing wrong?
2021, no workshops scheduled yet