Now the first print of TWILIGHT ENCOUNTER is for sale for only € 350. Normal price for this print is more than €800.

is an image of a of a three year old tiger (Panthera tigris), photographed in Kanha National Park in 2018.

I first saw this young tigress in Bandhavgarh National Park in April 2017, when she was just over two years old and still in the care of her mother. I was back there in March 2018, accompanying a photo tour. After a wonderful afternoon we drove towards the exit of the park just before closing time. The light was already becoming less intense, dusk was setting in. Suddenly she was there, walking on a track. A year older and now independent. Before she passed us, she thankfully slowed her pace for a second, surveying us with wide-open pupils.

The image is a crop of a crop, is quite blown up and therefore has a painterly appearance, as you can see hovering above the image. For a larger and more detailed image of this tigress see the gallery INDIA & SRI LANKA.

This 124,5 x 109,5 cm print is made on textured fine art paper by Jan R Smit Fine Art Printing Specialist and mounted on 1 mm aluminium. The print now hangs on the wall in my living room and can be picked up at my home.

Feel free to CONTACT me when interested.