Leopard in tree


2023, no workshops scheduled yet, I'm working on it

Safari! Elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, lions. Close by and relatively easy to photograph. Then you should also be able to come home with beautiful photos? Yet that is often disappointing.

Why are my birds so dark in the photo? And that giraffe too? Why aren’t those lion cubs sharp? Those other photographers in the lodge did have good photos! How is that possible? What do I have to consider when shooting from a jeep? Which lens do I bring? Do I need a wide angle? And a tripod? How do I deal with dust and changing lenses?


The animals are often most active early and late in the day. A typical safari day therefore starts with getting up in the dark for the morning safari. After the safari back to the lodge for lunch and rest. Later in the day an afternoon safari until sunset. Dusk in the morning and late afternoon, often bright, harsh light in between. Quite difficult.

There is often plenty to see and photograph between safaris. The relatively safe environment around the accommodations, mostly lodges and tent camps, attracts impala, zebra and even elephant. These are often easy to approach. But these are also wild animals. How do you deal with this and what do you have to take into account?

Don’t forget the smaller animals and flowers around the accommodations. You can meet the dik-dik, a small antelope, all day long, nibbling on the greenery. Flowers attract beautiful birds like honey suckers and with a little luck or help you can find a chameleon there. What do I need to photograph around the accommodations?

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Portrait of three giraffes in the Serengeti


Date: 2023, I'm working on dates
Time: 09.30 - 16.00 hour (6,5 hours)
Location: Burgers' Zoo (Arnhem)
Minimum group size: 6
Maximum group size: 10
Fee: starting at 99 euro

Elephant herd in early light walking in line



Three very young cheetah cubs


Camera en objectieven
Volle accu('s) en voldoende geheugen