Photography workshop at the Grand Canyon


Practicing my skills as a starting photographer in the 90s, I also worked as a tour guide for several years. With much pleasure I guided adventurous hiking tours from 1993 until spring 1997 as a tourleader for SNP Natuurreizen. Mainly in Europe, but also twice to Indonesia and once to India. Wonderful memories! It was so great to be outdoor with like-minded walkers, all loving nature and traveling. Experiencing landscapes, nature, talking with and listening to each other, being in a group. Sharing knowledge and experiences.
During the period that I worked for them as a tour guide, I also set out two trips for SNP Natuurreizen, on Gomera (Canary Islands) and in the Loire (France).

When becoming a professional photographer in 1997 I stopped with leading tours. Until 2002, when I started working with SNP Natuurreizen again, but then for special photo tours. In 2002 to the wonderful Colorado Plateau in the USA, with awesome canyons, arches and mountains.

I do most of my photo trips with SNP Natuurreizen, a wonderful travel organization specialized in sustainable, adventurous and active trips in nature. The travel organization where I also started as a tour guide. See also PARTNERS & SPONSORS.

In 2005 I accompanied a readers’ trip for ANWB Reizen Magazine to South Africa, a life-changing journey. My wife was a participant in that trip! In 2007 I also accompanied a readers’ trip to the Antarctic Peninsula for the now unfortunately no longer existing magazine.

In 2016 I organized a photo trip myself for a small group of friends, without a travel organization.

In 2018 and 2019 I guided trips to India for All for Nature Travel. For tigers, gharials, Taj Mahal and the delicious Indian cuisine!
All for Nature Travel is a small sustainable travel organization. For a better world. At least 10% of the travel sum is reinvested in nature conservation. The customer also determines where the funds are transferred. See also PARTNERS & SPONSORS.

What a privilege it was to be able to guide a private photo tour for the Belgian travel organization Atlas Reizen in February 2022. To the birth of wildebeest in Ndutu, Tanzania.

New born wildebeest calf


From 2002 leading photo tours took me to:
2002 – Colorado Plateau, USA (SNP Natuurreizen)
2005 – South Africa (readers tour ANWB Reizen magazine)
2006 – Costa Rica (SNP Natuurreizen)
2006 – Tuscany, Italy (SNP Natuurreizen)
2007 – Antarctic Peninsula (readers tour ANWB Reizen magazine)
2008 – South Georgia, Falklands and Antarctic Peninsula (guide/photographer for Oceanwide Expeditions)
2009 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2010 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2011 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Alaska, USA (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Botswana (SNP Natuurreizen)
2013 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2016 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (organized by myself)
2017 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (SNP Natuurreizen)
2018 – India, Bandhavgarh & Kanha (All for Nature Travel)
2018 – India, Ranthambhore extension (All for Nature Travel)
2018 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (SNP Natuurreizen)
2019 – Costa Rica Puur Natuur (SNP Natuurreizen)
2019 – India, Ranthambhore, Agra, Chambal (All For Nature Travel)
2019 – Galapagos (SNP Natuurreizen, regular nature tour)

2022 – Tanzania (private guidance photo tour)

The trips to Tanzania (Mara Crossing) and Costa Rica (Puur Natuur) programmed for 2020 and 2021 were unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19.