For almost three decades now I accompany tours to destinations all over the world. Adventurous and wander tours from 1993 until spring 1997 as a tourleader for SNP Natuurreizen. And from 2002 until now special photo tours.

1993 – Hebrides, first tour as a tourleader
My first wander tour as a tourleader in 1993 took me to the Hebrides in Scotland. It was a very special trip. I had never been there before and had a full group to lead. It turned out not to be a standard trip.
One of the tour members had to go back to the Netherlands because of an unexpectedly quick death of a dear friend. Her journey back to the Netherlands had to be arranged. An older man made me worry because of his condition. He told me at the end of the trip he had just had heart surgery and this trip was a test for him. I wished he had told me that the first day. One day an older lady was that slow that I had to send the group ahead. I myself had to accompany her for one and a half hour in a very slow pace to our next accommodation. With an amount of midges around, that makes you want to walk as fast as possible.
The landscapes were overwhelmingly impressive, with the greens, grays and blacks, mostly hilly, sometimes very steep, like the Black Cuillin on the Isle of Skye. The grayish and of course at times rainy Scottish weather was adding up to a real Scottish experience.
The day I came home after this tour I sat down in my small three to five meter student room and put on a cassette tape with Scottish music. And then the tears came. I missed the group and was deeply impressed by the Hebrides. It was indeed a great experience!

2002 – Colorado Plateau, USA, first photo tour

2005 – South Africa, a life changing photo tour
On assignment for ANWB Reizen magazine in 2004 with one of the editors – in Italy I think – he came with the idea to organize a special journey for the readers of the magazine. With of course an article to make for the magazine as well. And so I went to South Africa in January 2005 to accompany a full group as a photographer/writer with the luxury of a tour leader accompanying the group for the tour leading things.
We had a great time and it turned out to be a very special tour. A real life changer! A beautiful lady in the group became my wife and two years later I became a father!

2008 – Guide/photographer for Oceanwide Expeditions

Two decades of photo tours
From 2002 leading photo tours took me to:
2002 – Colorado Plateau, USA (SNP Natuurreizen)
2005 – South Africa (readers tour ANWB Reizen magazine)
2006 – Costa Rica (SNP Natuurreizen)
2006 – Tuscany, Italy (SNP Natuurreizen)
2007 – Antarctic Peninsula (readers tour ANWB Reizen magazine)
2008 – South Georgia, Falklands and Antarctic Peninsula (guide/photographer for Oceanwide Expeditions)
2009 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2010 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2011 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Alaska, USA (SNP Natuurreizen)
2012 – Botswana (SNP Natuurreizen)
2013 – Tanzania, wildebeest migration & birth (SNP Natuurreizen)
2016 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (organized by myself)
2017 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (with SNP Natuurreizen)
2018 – India, Bandhavgarh & Kanha (All for Nature Travel)
2018 – India, Ranthambhore extension (All for Nature Travel)
2018 – Tanzania, Secret Serengeti (with SNP Natuurreizen)
2019 – Galapagos (with SNP Natuurreizen), a little bit cheating, because this was more regular tour leading
2020 – Tanzania and Costa Rica canceled because of Covid-19