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National Landschapes and Parks - The Netherlands at its most beautiful - ANWB 2009 NATIONAL LANDSCHAPES AND PARKS

Being the photo editor for the book 'National Landscapes and Parks' or 'Nationale Landschappen en Parken - Nederland op zijn mooist' - in assignment for the ANWB - Martin was responsible for finding the right photos.

More then ninety (!) photographers contributed to this memorable large format book about the twenty National Parks and twenty National Landscapes of the Netherlands. Martin also contributed to the book with almost hundred fifty photographs and photographed specially for the book in some of the National Landscapes and National Parks.

The book was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety, the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (the latter two now combined to Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment), the National Parks and the National Landscapes

Published in November 2009.

Cover photo: David Pattyn

Boek Nationale Landschappen en Parken - Copyright Martin van Lokven