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On April 1 2004 Minister Veerman of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) presented the publication 'De Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld - Vitaal en verbindend', The National Ecological Network.

All photography for this important 124 pages report was done by Martin. Most photographs for the assignment  - fourteen locations - were taken within three weeks in October-November 2003. Spring and summer images were from Martin's archive.

National Ecological Network
In addition to the statutory protection of a number of nature areas, the Netherlands is also working on the National Ecological Network, a coherent network of nature areas. The aim is to realise 728,500 hectares of nature by 2018. In addition, the Network comprises more than 6 million hectares of  water, including the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. The National Ecological Network is intended to link up with nature areas in Germany and Belgium in the future, to strengthen the Pan European Ecological Network (PEEN).

Published in 2004 as a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Not for sale.
De Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld - vitaal en verbindend
De Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld - Millingerwaard

De Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld - Medewerker Staatsbosbeheer Freek Zwart op Terschelling

Landbouw - Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld Copyright Martin van Lokven

De Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in beeld - Breebaartpolder