Limited edition fine art print of Sail 2015


Regular workshops
The maximum number of participants for the workshops for 2021 is no longer a fixed given due to Corona measures. If the number of allowed participants is less than the minimum number of participants, the workshop will be canceled. If it is more, but more people have registered than allowed, participants will be asked to opt for a later workshop. The workshop can then take place with fewer people, but with the maximum number allowed.

I will schedule extra workshops later in the year to accommodate this.

If participation in another workshop is not possible or if you prefer to receive the money paid back, this will be refunded. The first workshops of 2021 in particular are of course subject to existing and possible new measures.

The next workshops are Kwade Hoek on Saturday 6 March and Kootwijkerzand on Saturdays 20 and 27 March.

Private workshops
Because being outside with one participant is allowed, private workshops can continue for the time being. Unfortunately no extra participant or non-paying partner/friend is allowed, so only only participant. And of course with a mouth mask and all other precautions. 

Photo reviews
Because photo reviews are inside they are not possible.

Basic rules for all workshops

  • Stay at home if you or a family member has / has complaints that could indicate the corona virus.
  • If you drive with someone other than from your own household, please wear a face mask.
  • We keep 1.5 meters away.
  • I’ll provide disinfectant hand gel. Wash your hands regularly.
  • Sneeze and cough in your elbow.
  • Coffee, tea and cake at the start of the workshop is canceled. Please bring your own food and drinks.