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Galapagos Nature Tour 2018 - Copyright Martin van Lokven







€ 8.990 *


* Exclusive of international flights. Indication price from the Netherlands is around € 1.100.
* The prices of the domestic flights may vary to the time of booking and are subject to the time of application.
Ander Licht - Maatwerk reizen naar Latijns-Amerika


In november 2018 Ander Licht Reizen will operate a special Nature Tour to the Galapagos Islands. During this tour you will visit the famous archipelago where Charles Darwin based his evolution theory on. There are no concessions made concerning the program. You will not have accommodation in hotels, but you will be accommodated on the completely restyled motor cruiser the Galapagos Odyssey. You will have the best possible experience and will visit all highlights of the famous Galapagos Archipelago. We surely can use the word 'Top Tour'!

During this trip you will be accompanied by the leading photographer and biologist Martin van Lokven. He will help you to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands and catch this beauty in photos. The program is designed to offer nature lovers and photographers the best possible experience of this special archipelago.


Day 1 - Arrival in Quito
This journey starts with a first night in Ecuador's capital Quito. The old colonial center - located at the foot of Panecillo - by UNESCO named as a World Heritage Site. Among the main attractions of the city are the magnificent baroque churches such as El Sagrario and the beautiful San Francisco monastery. Furthermore there are several fascinating museums. The colonial center is easily explored on foot from the hotel.

Overnight: Hotel Casona de la Ronda based on bed / breakfast

Day 2 - Start Galapagos cruise and Cerro Dragon
Early in the morning we will be picked up at our hotel and taken to the Quito airport for the approximately two-hour flight to the Galapagos Islands. Upon arrival we will be met and taken to the boat for an introduction to the ship and crew. In the afternoon, we immediately enjoy a first excursion to Cerro Dragon. This hill on the north side of Santa Cruz owes its name to the fact that it is one of the few locations in Santa Cruz with healthy populations of Land Iguanas. We visit a saltwater lagoon where sometimes flamingos are seen and go to the top of Cerro Dragon for stunning views over the coastline of Santa Cruz.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 3 - Rábida and Sombrero Chino
In the morning we will visit the small island of Rabida, known for its special red lava beach. Behind the beach where often there are many Galapagos Sea Lions, is a lagoon where sometimes flamingos are seen and / or nesting pelicans are. Also on the rocky edge of the beach it is good for snorkelling with good chances of seeing sea turtles, among others. In the afternoon we visit the small island of Sombrero Chino, or Chinese hat. It is 200 meters from the East Coast of Santiago. The characteristic shape of the islet and the stunning volcanic landscape with bright red colored stones make a visit worthwhile and snorkeling here is highly recommended.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 4 - Genovesa
Sailing overnight will take us to the marvellous island of Genovesa. We take a walk along the beach at Darwin Bay and across the plateau to Prince Phillips Steps. Genovesa is best known for its huge bird richness and it is the best place on the island to see the Red-footed Booby. Between the rocks in front of Darwin Bay you can see often White-tip Reef Sharks swim. It takes some time getting used to share the water with these animals, but they are really harmless.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 5 - Batolomé and Sullivan's Bay
Today we will visit Bartolomé for the famous view of the island James with the foreground Pinnacle Rock. Besides the beautiful view Bartolome is also a great snorkeling spot with good chances of seeing among others the beautiful Moorish Idol. In the afternoon, we are probably going ashore on James to see the 'fresh' lava flow of Sullivan's Bay. About a century ago new land was created here by a major volcanic eruption and in the bay there are beautiful rope lava patterns to see.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 6 - Santa Cruz and Darwin Station
Today we explore from Puerto Ayora the highlands of Santa Cruz, the main island of the archipelago. In the highlands is a turtle sanctuary where we can see the famous Galapagos Giant Turtles in the wild and there are impressive lava tunnels. We visit the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora, also a breeding station for Giant Tortoises. At the Darwin Station is a visitor center with information about the origin, history and importance of the islands.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 7 - Puerto Villamil, Tintoreras and Sierra Negra
In the morning you will visit the village of Puerto Villamil. In this little 'laid-back village on the south coast of Isabela, visit the turtle breeding center and a lagoon where sometimes see flamingos. Also, you can sail to the small island Tintoreras. In the bay of this island live Galapagos Sea Lions, sea turtles, Marine Iguanas, stingrays and White-tip Reef Sharks. In the afternoon we go inland from Puerto Villamil to the spectacular crater of Sierra Negra volcano. The view of the immense crater is impressive and in addition in crater Volcan Chico we can see the effects of a recent outbreak. At his clear weather also the views of the island and the coastline from the high point very spectacular.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 8 - Punta Moreno and Bahia Elizabeth
Punta Moreno is a landscape site. In a recent black lava flow are some lakes where various species of waterfowl can be observed. In addition, you have spectacular views of the Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul volcano. In the afternoon we visit Bahia Elizabeth. We will not go ashore, but sail in a panga - small boat - along the bird-rich shores of the Marielas Islets where often Galapagos Penguins are seen. This is also an appealing snorkeling location where there are good chances of encounters with sea turtles and stingrays.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 9 - Punta Espinoza and Caleta Tagus
On Fernandina we visit Punta Espinoza, which offers beautiful views of the volcanoes on Isabela. You also have a chance of seeing large numbers of Marine Iguanas and Galapagos Flightless Cormorants. In the afternoon we sail again to Isabela to visit Caleta Tagus, an enclosed bay which was used by pirates in former times to drop anchor. Here we can walk through the dry volcanic landscape of Darwin volcano to a magnificent viewpoint. We sail in a panga along the cliff coasts, with good chances to see Galapagos Penguins and countless other animals. Along the west side of Isabela we also have the best chance on this tour to see whales and dolphins.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 10 - Playa Espumilla and Puerto Egas
In the morning we will visit the James Bay and the beautiful eroded coast of Puerto Egas. This is a good place to snorkel with Galapagos Sea Lions. Probably we walk along a rocky beach to the fur-seal grotto where Fur Seals can be seen. In the afternoon, we visit Playa Espumilla on the island of Santiago. There is a mangrove area and there are two salt lakes where sometimes flamingos and other wading birds can be spotted. A little further starts a dry palo santo wood. In addition, we can swim at Playa Espumilla.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 11 - Isla Lobos and San Cristobal
Today we will visit the island of San Cristobal Isla Lobos. This is a small island with Galapagos Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas and a small colony of frigate birds. In the afternoon we visit La Galapaguera Cerro Colorada, where we will meet Galapagos Giant Tortoises in their natural environment. With a little luck we will also see baby turtles next to adulthood.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 12 - Española - Suarez Point and Gardner Bahia
Today is a visit to the island of Española on the program. Punta Suarez is a rocky coast where there is always plenty to see; it is one of the top three visitor sites of the islands. There are large colonies Masked Boobies and Blue-footed Boobies and it is a good place to see the Galapagos Albatross. Furthermore there large Marine Iguanas and the Galapagos Hawk is seen regularly. Another interesting attraction is the 'blow hole', a natural fountain driven by the waves. We also visit the clear blue Bahia Gardner with its lovely beach and very tame Galapagos Mockingbirds.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 13 - Floreana - Post Office Bay and Punta Cormorant
The two visitors places we visit today are Post Office Bay and Punta Cormoran. At Post Office Bay we can take in the history of Galapagos and at Punta Cormoran is a large brackish water lagoon where flamingos are often seen. Around Floreana are several small islands for good snorkeling, such as Champion and Corona del Diablo.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 14 - Santa Fe and Islas Plazas
The day begins with a visit to Santa Fe. We will walk through a forest of Opuntia cactus with good chances for the Galapagos Hawk and the endemic Santa Fe Land Iguana. Afterwards it is great for snorkeling in the clear blue bay of Santa Fe.
In the afternoon we visit Plaza Sur, a small island with Land Iguanas and a large colony of Galapagos Sea Lions. Also, we will walk along a cliff shore where we can see Swallow-tailed Gulls and Tropic Birds.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 15 - North Seymour and Playa las Bachas
In the morning we visit North Seymour. Although crowded, this small island has a surprisingly rich fauna. For example, it is a very good place to see the courtship dance of the Blue-footed Boobies or showing off males of the frigate bird with its bright red throat pouch inflated. We will then cruise to Playa las Bachas, a small beach on the north coast of Santa Cruz where Galapagos Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas live and see flamingos in a lagoon behind the beach.

Overnight: Odyssey cabin full board and excursions

Day 16
- From Galapagos to Guayaquil
oday, the cruise through the Galapagos archipelago comes to an end. If time allows, we have a short morning trip to the sandbank of Isla Mosquera. After this we leave the Galapagos and fly from Baltra back to the mainland of Ecuador. Upon arrival in Guayaquil we will be met and taken to the hotel in the center of town.

Overnight: Hampton Inn on a bed / breakfast base

Day 17 - END OF TOUR
After breakfast the rest of the day is at leisure. The old town of Guayaquil is beautifully restored and nowadays worth visiting. Also nice is Parque Bolivar with its large numbers of iguanas. If desired, an excursion can be organized to the Manglares Churute reserve. Halfway through the afternoon we will be picked up at the hotel for the transfer to the airport for the flight back to the Netherlands.


• nights in Quito and Guayaquil on a bed / breakfast base
• flights Ecuador - Galapagos v.v.
• 15-day Galapagos cruise on full board basis
• coffee, tea and water during the cruise
• all excursions during the cruise according to the program
• accompanied by an English-speaking guide Galapagos
• lectures and information from photographer / biologist Martin van Lokven
• entrance N.P. Galapagos (USD 100)
• INGALA transit card Galápagos National Park (USD 10)
• transfers according to the program


• International flights incl. taxes and surcharges
• optional excursions during free days in Puerto Ayora
• other meals
• other beverages during the cruise
• any rent snorkel gear
• local airport taxes
• personal expenses, insurance and gratuitie


For more information and booking you can contact Ander Licht Reizen.
Galapagos ealions and tourists - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Galapagos albatros kuiken - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Galapagos reuzenschildpad - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Galapagos zeeleeuw - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Fregatvogels - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Galapagos land leguaan - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Nazca Booby - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Fregatvogel - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Galapagos zeeleeuwen en toerist - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Rode rotskrab - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Frigate Birds Galapagos - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Landing on Bartolomé Island - Galapagos Islands

Lava pattern II - Galapagos Islands - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Lava pattern I - Galapagos Islands - Copyright Martin van Lokven