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Martin van Lokven on assignment - Copyright Martin van Lokven




Martin is professional photographer since 1996 and specializes in landscape, nature, wildlife, humans & nature, water & infrastructure, travel and fine art.


Already in his early childhood Martin is fascinated by the natural world. He joins the Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie (NJN) - a Dutch youth association for nature study - and spents most of his spare time in nature - specially watching birds - loving to be outdoor.


Martin graduates as a biologist in 1990 at the Utrecht University, specialization Aquatic Ecotoxicology. He works almost two years as an ecotoxicologist - added researcher - at the Research Institute of Toxicology (RITOX, now the IRAS, Institute for Risk Assessment Studies - Toxicology) - Utrecht University - on a project for Rijkswaterstaat.

In the meanwhile he is already passionate about photography - specially nature and landscape photography - and investigating the possibility of making a profession of it.


Seeing a presentation of Frans Lanting - world's best nature photographer - in autumn 1991 and fully enjoying searching for tigers during a long trip to India in January 1992 Martin knows he has to go for it.


He starts working as a tourleader in Europe and Asia - India and Indonesia - for a nature travel company in 1993. Pursuing the art of photography he soon photographs not only nature and landscape, but a wide range of subjects.
Until spring 1997 Martin leads more than twenty tours. He also develops two tours, in the Loire - France - and on Gomera - Canary Islands and does the full photography to promote the tours. In assignment of SNP he also photographs in Oezbekistan and on the Cyclads - Greece.

End of 1996 Martin becomes a professional photographer - working in assigments for a variety of magazines, publishers and communication agencies - photographing nature, landscape, potraits, lifestyle, corporate, food, products, gardens, outdoor recreation, tourism and travel, indoor and outdoor.
Outdoor photography and garden photography are from the beginning important disciplines of photography. Soon food photography and the accompanying location photography also becomes important. Already in 1998 Martin photographs in assignment for the biggest supermarket/food magazine - AllerHande - a Michelin three star restaurant in the Elzas, France. Martins Elzas landscape photo on the cover. More food magazines follow soon.


Soon important clients are the ANWB (Kampioen, Op Pad, Reizen magazine, Toeractief, Redactie Boeken), NS (En Passant, Spoorslags), NUON, Groei & Bloei, Landleven, Rijkswaterstaat, Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer, Sanoma Uitgevers (Flair, Home & Garden, Tuinieren), Nikon, Miller Media (Wining & Dining, Viva Espana, Apotheek, Meditheek, Bilderberg) and Media Partners (AllerHande, Holland Herald). With some more communication and grafic designer agencies the number of assignments increases fast.


His assignments takes him to all continents. Travel, food and nature photography in New Zealand, Australia, India, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Antarctica, USA - Colorado Plateau and Alaska, Canada, Seychelles Islands, Costa Rica, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenia, Botswana, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway and so on.
In 2004 Martin starts to work for ANWB Reizen magazine - one of the biggest travel magazines of the Netherlands - and his dream - photographing all over the world - becomes true!


Since 2002 Martin is also leading special nature photography tours all over the world in cooperation with SNP Natuurreizen, the nature travel company he worked for before as a tourleader.
In 2008 he works as a guide/photographer for one tour on board of an expeditionvessel in Antarctica for Oceanwide Expeditions.

Martin starts a workshop program in 2008. From 2010 until 2014 through the specially build website www.workshopnatuurfotografie.nl besides his normal website www.martinvanlokven.com.


In 2000 Martin does the full location photography for the Albert Heijn book 'België - De streekkeukens van Europa'. In 2004 he does the full photography for the report 'Ecologische Hoofdstructuur in Beeld'. In the same year he also does the full food photography for his first cooking book - again a Albert Heijn publication - 'Lekker leven, lekker eten'. Fourteen more cooking books follow!
In 2007 Martin makes in assignment for ANWB Media a book - photography and text - about Travel Photography - 'Heb jij die gemaakt? Digitale fotografie op reis'. In 2008 follows an assignment from the ANWB for the full photography for the book 'Langs de Linie', about the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. And in 2009 he does the art direction for the ANWB book 'Nationale Landschappen en Parken - Nederland op zijn mooist'!


For Martin photography is capturing moments. Moments of recognition, of everything coming together, magical moments, beauty in all aspects his prime mover. The search for beauty his driving force and mission.
His focus is on landscapes, nature, culture, wildlife and travel. Men and environment. Water, energy and infrastructure. Photo journalism, documentary and fine art.

Martin lives with his wife and children in the Netherlands.

Martin with family on vacation in Switzerland - Copyright Martin van Lokven

Martin van Lokven Photography - Twenty year professional photography